20 min EP

Want a CD that is true to the performance? We are the guys for you.

Wherever you practice, we can record. With our fully portable protools rig, we can turn any room into a professional sounding recording studio in 90 min. That means, you don’t need to travel to a space that costs a fortune for every minute, you don’t need to do any youtube tutorials on sound, you can just leave it to us as we make your band rehearsals sound like studio takes.

No click track needed to splice takes which means that we can create the best performance form multiple takes without worrying about matching beats, you guys don’t even need to wear headphones.

The 20 min Ep is recorded in 2 sessions, all the instruments in one go, but no vocals or guitar solos.

Day 2 is the vocals and the guitar solos, these are the things that you want the most control over, so we do it in isolation.

Day 3 is mixing, you can come and watch as it is happening, or you can just collect the final “ready for master” product (basic mastering is available for an additional $100, but it is always advised to have the work mastered by a fresh set of ears in a different room)



You can choose the location, from a garage, to a practice room. We can even do it outside if you are feeling super crazy (defiantly wouldn’t advise it, but we have the kit to make it happen).


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