Scales and Modes masterclass


Scales and modes of the guitar masterclass day.
If you don’t yet know how to access the full fingerboard in any key, there is no shame in it, but your first objective should be to learn it.
I have developed the holy grail of group lesson plans that takes no longer than 90 min, the end result is understanding the pattern of how it all works, where every note is on the whole fingerboard, and how to apply all the mode shapes to music.
My job here is to share it in the hopes of making a better musical world to work in.
I started playing when I was 10, when I was 16, I spent 2 months learning how the modes fit onto the fingerboard. My whole world changed. The fragments of ideas all of a sudden had purpose and direction.
7 years later, when I was teaching guitar at Northmead Creative And Performing Arts high school, I figured out a way to convey the same information I had learned in 8 weeks in a single one hour session (max an hour and a half).
In doing so, I helped hundreds of high school kids express them selves in a way they had never before imagined. I still offer the 2 month course for $390, but why do that when you can cover all the info in one go for $45?
If you are interested, fling me a message and find out how to get on board early. These master classes will be held at the York Street Studios at 12 on Saturday. Only 6 spaces available each month, so get in fast.
$45 AUD.
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